Dialing blogicide

I was thinking about the different forms of the suffix “-icide” today. One of my favorite TV shows (and books) is Homicide.

There’s a lot of wacky variations of the word out there — regicide, fraternicide, et al. I recalled Issac Asimov penning the phrase “robocide” to describe the murder of a robot.

All this got me thinking that what if someone tried to commit a murder or death through a ‘blog? Doing a Google Search of the word ‘blogicide’ comes up with 185 hits. The phrase seems to refer to the death of a blog, which I suppose is appropriate.

I, myself, have a dead blog out there (I wiped it when I created this new site). Two Scooby points to whomever can figure out/remember what it was. I could rebuild it in Blogger, but I have no interest right now.

BTW, any form of “-icide” I didn’t mention, I’m not thinking about. That includes cyborgicide.