Deep Thoughts

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The cult of Apple seems to be very strong in New York. The vast majority of headphones I see on the subway are iPod headphones and the SoHo Apple Store (two floors!) is packed to the gills. Speaking of Apple, I like their new product releases (the Mac Mini, the iPod Shuffle and iWork). However, that’s at first glance. I’m sure I’ll have a more informed opinion as time goes on.

There’s so much to write about, but not enough time. So until I can correct this in future posts, here’s some thoughts:

– Getting lost in cities.
– Obscure landmarks that only I’m really interested in.
– The irony when Rush Limbaugh says “The problem with listening to complainers is that you’ll eventually become one.”
– Roadside eats.
– Doing stuff for free in NYC.
– Why don’t people put addresses clearly on buildings?
– Not enough time to do stuff.
– Getting places when they’re closed.
– I’m sure there’s stuff I’m missing.
– The Mac Mini — The next low-cost Macintosh LC (generally pretty good) or the next Performa (astonishingly awful)?

More later.