I know I’m a week late writing this, but I wanted to say it’s a shame that SNL did their “Mrs. Dr. Frankenstein” sketch. In that sketch, a female Dr. Frankenstein (Kate Winslet) created the “perfect man” who happens to be gay. It’s only a shame because a few months ago, during the federal anti-gay marriage amendment debate, I was thinking how funny it would be to have a gay Dr. Frankenstein make a gay bride. It would be the “Gay Bride of Frankenstein.”

Of course, my take on the sketch would’ve been more political than the SNL version — the townspeople would wonder if they hate the monster because he’s a “monster” or because he’s gay. I’m sure there would’ve been a way to make it funny and still make a point, but I’m not a comedian so what do I know. It’s probably for the best that SNL didn’t “go there.”