Belated Olympics commentary

Just some quick thoughts from this year’s Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies (three weeks ago). Consider it super-tape-delay:

– It’s interesting there were two Brian Williams on the U.S. and Canadian broadcasting teams. NBC’s Brian Williams normally anchors the nightly news, but helped out with the opening ceremonies. The CBC’s Brian Williams is a sports anchor who typically pitches in during the Games (although I heard he stayed in Toronto this time around).

– Is it a little hypocritical that it’s impressive when the Italians bring out a racing car for their opening ceremony, but it’s tacky when the Americans brought out their pickups during the 1996 Atlanta Games? I’m just asking.

– I really liked the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. It was very potent with the rings of fireworks culmonating with the lighting of the cauldron. Well done.

Well, those are my thoughts from the opening ceremonies. Let’s see how the rest of the Games go. :-p