Being sociable

It seems I’m sucked into wacky online communities to see what my family’s up to. First, I signed up for a Xanga site to post comments. Now, I’ve plunged into the depths of MySpace.

It’s nice. I found my sisters and some people from around town. I’ve been engrossed with my profile (esp. if it’s to be used as an epitaph). It’s interesting how my tastes have progressed over the years.

Now that I’ve got such a nice little pad over there, I’ll probably use it to post TV show reviews or something. After all, my user name is “galatican” after “Battlestar Galactica.”

I’m such a geek. Anywho, off to bed. Busy day tomorrow.

Late update: When I say “epitaph,” I don’t think I’m going to kick off anytime soon (I hope). However, if the time comes I want there to be enough information about me. Maybe I’m a little paranoid. – RTO