Battlestar Galactica: Good to see some frakkin’ new stuff

Originally posted on my TV Guide blog at 1:41 AM on 09/11/06

I’ve been jonesing for a “Battlestar Galactica” fix before the Season 3 premiere on Oct. 6. Thankfully, Sci Fi is showing a 10-part online series leading up to the premiere. New episodes (or “webisodes” if you insist) of “The Resistance” debut each Tuesday and Thursday on It’s good to see the series, but the short running time of each capsule leaves you wanting more.

It’ll be interesting to see all the pieces put together. Sci Fi will apparently air the whole 10-part series over the “air” shortly before the launch of the new season. Chances are, the story will be more coherent and enjoyable.

That brings up another point about “webisodes” that I’ll probably expand on later — the short, online episodes are nice, but they’re kinda disappointing because they’re not on the larger canvas of the television screen. They’re also _way_ too short.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, networks have been producing new content for the Web off and on for a decade (going back to NBC’s “Homicide: Second Shift” which detailed the other, previously unseen crew that worked in the Baltimore homicide unit).

On the other hand, it’s nice to see extra material on a new platform. I’m looking forward to see where things are going.