‘Arrested Development’ Gets Monday-d

I’m worried that the TV comedy “Arrested Development” will sink further into the abyss by moving from the cushy post-Simpsons Sunday spot to Monday night. They’re trying to make fun of it with ads of the cast trying to make “Monday” a curse word.

They’re probably going to “monday” themselves in the foot. After two years, the show has had a hard time trying to find an audience for their quirky brand of humor. The ad does nothing to convey that.

Floundering tech — I was trying to access [adult swim]’s Friday Night Fix, featuring streaming episodes of their top shows and new premieres. I quickly hit a snag — the streaming video wouldn’t load and I couldn’t tell what technology it was using.

I think I’m hitting some technological walls with my five-year-old computer. I’m running a processor that’s two generations old and an OS that nearly no one writes for anymore.

Still it’s amazing how much I can still do with this computer.