Another one bites the dust

I confess — I ego-search all the time. Ego-searching is the act of typing ones name into Google and seeing the results hoping that you’ll be in there. Of course, this isn’t new — I’ve blogged on this before (because everyone loves it when I talk about myself! *). It’s disappointing to report that I’ve fallen off the first page of results for “Ryan Olson.” You can now find me on the second page with other has-been Ryan Olsons, including the Wisconsin state representative.

I don’t know what the problem is, assuming that being on the second page of search results actually qualifies as a “problem.” I think Google may be having some problems searching my site (and it doesn’t seem to update my site date quickly). Additionally, the search box on this blog doesn’t seem to be working at all. My month-by-month hits are down too, but that’s to be expected when I only offer myself on my sites. 😉

So, tip of the cap to the other Ryan Olsons for their tenacious fight to the first page. BTW, why do I feel like I’m competing with them?

Gone are the glory days of my having three of the top ten “Ryan Olson” spots — for my pro site, my personal site (this blog) and something else like pepTunes. At least I’m still the number one Google hit for “midget bowling.” (Sorry in advance to those people visiting in search of midget bowling.)

* – I realize that talking about myself isn’t endearing to most, if not all, carbon-based lifeforms. The silicon-based people, on the other hand, just can’t get enough! 😉