_Random_ eye movement

This blog is part of a rather impersonal personal Web site. It’s got no pictures, sounds (until recently) or much mention of my personal life. The (ahem) intimate details of my life are just not anything that I’d delve into, least of all on a blog.

So, in a small change of pace, I’m going to talk about some dreams I had recently. Unfortunately (for you), my dreams aren’t intimate — they’re more situational where I find myself doing something totally random. They’re almost snapshots of things happening.

There were three dreams in three days. The first one involved my bathtub. Water from the shower (which doesn’t exist in real life) soaked through the unprotected walls and it was peeling away taking the insulation with it leaving only tile beneath.

Yesterday, I dreamt that I was living with my family in a big modern city (with boutiques lining the street). Much of the city was having a holiday and I wandered around. I walk through the row of shops, underneath the subway line. I note many people standing in line outside a building with the NASA logo. It turns out that people are waiting to ride some sort of space-related roller coaster that zoomed around the neighborhood. I didn’t ride the coaster.

This morning, I dreamt that I was in a TV station somewhere. There were meetings going on and I was in a maroon-painted room with several others (including comedian Rick Mercer for some reason). After small talk with Mercer and others, I went back to the kitchenette. After I go into a meeting room, I run into a guy who spills a bowl of chili over my clothes.

I don’t know what 99.9 percent of my dreams mean, including these. I just wanted to note how bizarre they are — especially three days in a row.