There’s nothing like giving in to temptation. After checking out a friend’s blog, my co-worker has decided to check out a personals Web site. It looks like a complete bear to get registered on the page (we went through The Onion) It’s been about 30 minutes and he still hasn’t seen all the “beautiful” women in a 25-mile radius of Houghton, Mich. It’s not like the instant (yet swiftly fleeing) gratification of a “judge-a-person-strictly-on-their-appearances” Web site.

Still, it’s a really clever use of supply and demand — people demand an online forum to meet others, these Web sites provide the resources _and_ require people to register to get access thus keeping the supply of potential dates plentiful.

Now he’s comparing himself to Doogie Howser. Guess I’m his Vinnie (without the overt Italian stereotypes). Shesh.