Home again
POWAY — Learning a lesson from last year, I’m taking vacation in the middle of the year, instead of September and December. What better place to go on vacation than sunny San Diego? So here I am.

It’s just nice hanging out with my family, although the family’s relatively new cat has a free run of what used to be “my” bedroom (until I kicked her out). Melinda and Katie are getting so mature and grown up. I’m not hip to their ways and it shows.

I haven’t gotten out too much yet (I have been playing way too much Ratchet and Clank on the PS2). I did get to have dinner with my friend Dave, which was enjoyable. Too bad I don’t have too many friends to keep tabs on (although I’m writing two Houghton friends right now).

I’m looking forward to hitting some museums, the beach and perhaps the Japanese Friendship Garden. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to a couple of ball games (although the Padres are absolutely dreadful this season).

Of course, catching up on some good food and decent shopping are up on the list as well. I already when to Little Tokyo with mom. I had some tempura and tuna sushi that was delightful. More later.