‘Now more than ever’
The winners of the 2002 Michigan AP Editorial Association newswriting, newsphoto and graphics contest were announced today. A news column written by li’l ol me about standardized testing won second place in Division I (up to 15,000 circulation).

Other Gazette nods include Steve Neavling’s coverage of the Rainbow Family gathering in Ewen last summer (2nd place, sustained coverage of a single news event), Zac Anderson’s story breaking down the ins and outs of standardized testing (3rd place, public service) and Dave Strang’s photographs from the Copper Country Firefighter’s tournament (3rd place, picture stories).

Steve and I won a previous AP award for our joint coverage of the attempted firebombing at Michigan Tech University in 2001 (3rd place, sustained coverage). It’s nice to be honored, but there’s more work to do.

[Edit: Updating 2001 awards….]