21 hours to Hancock

HANCOCK, Mich. — Home again after being in motion for about 21 hours. I thought that digging out my car at Marquette Sawyer Airport and scooping my driveway after such a long day would’ve been a momentous task. It was surprisingly easy to dig out my car — all the snow came right off my windows and there was no ice. I was able to easily unlock my car and open the door (instead of both being iced over). It was sweet.

Getting home wasn’t bad as the roads were clear. Although there was a bit of snow in my parking spot, it was actually quite pleasant (despite some salty chunks of ice) and quite a pick-me-up after such a long day. My parking spot is interesting — it’s the furthest from where I can dump the snow, but it’s sheltered from a lot of drifting snow too.

Memo to self: Don’t start watching a movie after midnight if you’ve got to get up four hours later. D’oh!

More later, but my bed beckons for now and I won’t resist its siren call.