This post really doesn’t have to do with pop culture except I picture the surveillance camera footage appearing on an episode of “Wackiest Supermarket Goofs” on FOX. Perhaps it will be in between clips of the shelves of soda falling to the floor and the band-saw butcher disaster in Bemidji.
I was at Safeway on Wednesday. I had just entered the store through the swinging door when I realized I needed a shopping cart. I turned to head back out the store and then I paused to ponder about which door to exit through.
Part of me thought it was inconvenient they put the shopping carts by the exit doors because people grab carts when they are coming into the store. Since I was in the act of coming into the store, I decided to go back the way I came — out through the “In” door.
I realized I made a mistake when I took a step forward and the “In” door closed into my face. The swinging door of doom crushed my glasses into my face. My eyes were OK, but I yelped in surprise and brief pain.
I reassured the one customer who came over to see what was going on. The momentary shock and pain passed quickly.
There was some blood, but it stopped quickly after rinsing and cleaning the wound.
Ultimately, I told the store’s management about the door. Perhaps they will find a way to make it more idiot-proof than before.

On the media

Way back in late October, I was happy to be a part of a panel at the Great Valley Center’s Sacramento Valley Forum. I joined Jeff vonKaenel, from the Sacramento News & Review, and Bryan Byrd, a Comcast director of communications, for a panel discussion entitled “Ink, Pixels, and the Remote.”
The discussion was focused on how people and communities can use different technologies to get their message out. vonKaenel discussed how people can use the alternative press while Byrd talked about community access and Comcast’s OnDemand platform. I spoke about NorCal Blogs and how people can use blogs as a news and information platform.
I recorded the discussion because I thought I would use it for some aspect of the Enterprise-Record or ChicoER.com. Since that hasn’t materialized, I’m presenting the audio of the hour-long panel here:
Download audio (MP3, 12MB)
My portion of the discussion starts about 28 minutes in. I was surprised my portion pushed up against the recommended 20 minute speaking length. I thought my performance started out a little shaky, but I think my basic message got across. The ultimate message was “If you can send an e-mail, you can blog.”

Crickets ala blog

It’s been quiet here lately. There are lot of things on my mind that will make their way to this page soon.
Oh, and I’m slightly tickled to discover what was screwing up my RSS news feed (the way I let others know my blog has been updated). For some reason, a strange character got inserted into one of my posts. That was enough to throw my news feed into disarray.
I’m glad it got fixed.