‘Suit Up’ for Sacramento karaoke contest

I know the chances of my winning any karaoke contest are slim to none, but there is one contest that is intriging. The Sacramento CBS affiliate (KOVR-TV 13) is holding a karaoke contest next Thursday where the national top prize is a walk-on role on the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.”

The winner will go on to Los Angeles to face the winners from contests at 8 other CBS stations across the nation.

It would be fun to try it, but the odds wouldn’t be in my favor. They will be picking out 20 people from the crowd _at random_ to sing in front of the audience. Combine that with the fact the contest is on a Thursday and that the other prizes include Carl’s Jr. burger packs add up to me not going.

‘Arrested Development’ Gets Monday-d

I’m worried that the TV comedy “Arrested Development” will sink further into the abyss by moving from the cushy post-Simpsons Sunday spot to Monday night. They’re trying to make fun of it with ads of the cast trying to make “Monday” a curse word.

They’re probably going to “monday” themselves in the foot. After two years, the show has had a hard time trying to find an audience for their quirky brand of humor. The ad does nothing to convey that.

Floundering tech — I was trying to access [adult swim]’s Friday Night Fix, featuring streaming episodes of their top shows and new premieres. I quickly hit a snag — the streaming video wouldn’t load and I couldn’t tell what technology it was using.

I think I’m hitting some technological walls with my five-year-old computer. I’m running a processor that’s two generations old and an OS that nearly no one writes for anymore.

Still it’s amazing how much I can still do with this computer.

The day is done …

And what a day it was. I was out of the river … working. It was my own bright idea though because I thought it would be interesting to cover one of the biggest local events of the year. In the past, tens of thousands of people showed up to float down part of the Sacramento River on Labor Day.

The police launched a crackdown this year because of the large number of law enforcement and public safety officials needed in years past. Additionally the event was becoming such a large party that it was bringing lots of people from outside the area.

I also thought that covering this in blog form could boost and enhance our offerings on Chicoer.com. So I spent all day at the bar of a restaurant by the river.

I’m kinda curious to see how well it’s received. There were some interesting comments.

Unfortunately it appears my “The river — without the crowds” slogan I used on the house ads to promote the blog came true both virtually and in reality. Instead of getting the anticipated 20,000 participants on the river, they just a small fraction of that — about 665 people.

The blog is Labor Day Live.