MySpace cheeses me off

It’s killing me how often a crucial feature of MySpace is offline. Two weekends ago, their whole system went down because of an L.A.-area blackout. It’s understandable, although a service so large should be prepared for such eventualities.

Tonight, their log-in is disabled.

It’s frustrating. If it’s not the log-in, the search is down or it’s a specific user’s profile.

I would be careful if I were MySpace. Users may be willing to forgive some things, but these sporadic and all-too-frequent outages can be a massive turnoff.

At a crossroads…

Not really, but it seems like an appropriate title because I’m continuing to experiment with Google Maps.

This trial run is hampered/enhanced by the fact I don’t have too much Javascript experience. I’m leaning really heavily on Google Maps API documentation page. Still I’m enjoying gleaning a little bit about the language’s syntax and some other ins and outs.

It definitely makes me want to experiment more.

And while I’m not really at a crossroads, some of my friends are as they move on to bigger and better things. Best of luck to them as they move to new jobs or new houses.