MySpace musing – 14 May

Animated greatnessAfter a brief hiatus, my animated profile image is back. It was down briefly because I wanted to look respectable. However, what’s more elegant than the inflated Garlic Dude from the Gilroy Garlic Festival? Nothing!

It’s interesting, but some people are impressed about how I animated the graphic. There’s nothing much to it — it’s an animated GIF. Somehow it adds an extra touch to the page without a lot of loud noises or videos.

Speaking of loud noises, how is everyone enjoying No Luck Club? I first heard them on the CBC Radio 3 podcast. They’re pretty good, but they’re no Dick Dale and His Deltones.

At the same time, No Luck Club hasn’t prompted my friends to say “Change the godawful music.” I guess that’s a good thing.

BTW, do you want to see the most information-rich MySpace profile I’ve ever seen? Check this guy out. For some reason he’s tracking my blog and I wanted to learn more about him. There’s a lot to learn about him it seems.

The cool thing is that he puts all the information together in a classy way. It’s a ton of information and photos, but it’s as readable as things get on this site. I do miss the animated fish that follows my mouse cursor, though.

Well, I guess that’s enough of the classic stream of consciousness writing that keeps so many people coming back to this blog.

Tears in my eyes

The gray skies of winter have lifted, but not before planting the seeds of spring’s sorrow — allergies. It’s actually not too bad, but my eyes are having the worst of it. They were extremely watery and strands of gooey stuff built up. They didn’t react well to whatever pollen or dust quafted through the air.

I guess it looked worse than it felt because a lot of people were commenting about it.

Things seem to be better now, I hope it’s because the pollen has settled down. I’ve armed myself with the usual medicines and treatments.