Changing seasons

As spring melts into summer, it’s finally time for me to back up the ol’ TiVo and clear off some space. Apparently I’m a pack-rat of all things including media. I imagine it’ll be like a time capsule in a few years to see some old show on TV accompanied by the commercials (sometimes).

I also finally deleted the old season passes since I probably won’t bring my TiVo back to Michigan anytime soon. But my desire to archive and remember weird things continues. So here’s my season passes from Michigan (second edition). I was on Charter Communications line-up.

This might seem silly, but I think it’s part of moving on.

1. Talking to Americans (CBC-CBMT 16) — Wish list for the best production ever from Rick Mercer. Another take: Americans say the dumbest things. The TiVo was supposed to record it over Christmas, but it didn’t work out.
2. Coupling (Wish list) — I was hoping that NBC would burn off the remaining episodes of their failed import of the classic UK series. Alas, it never happened.
3. Angel (WBMK2 24) — A vampire with a soul trying to purge LA of evil? I’m so in.
4. This Hour Has 22 Minutes (CBC) — Sketch comedy show that was like a 30-minute extended version of Weekend Update. Featuring Mercer, Mary Walsh, Greg Thomey and Cathy Jones (and more).
5. Made in Canada (CBC) — AKA The Industry in the U.S. Rick Mercer’s merciless take on the dunderheadedness of the film and TV industry.
6. Star Trek: Enterprise (WMQF 14) — It was nice to not miss it, but season three was probably the best of these voyages. Dislikes — most annoying theme song ever.
7. Arrested Development (WMQF) — The show makes fun of an eccentric rich family in Southern California. Of course, it’s on my list.
8. The Simpsons (WMQF) — For new episodes. Historical note — I received two FOX affiliates (WMQF and WLUK from Green Bay) and I had to turn to the Great White North for my daily Simpsons fix at 5 p.m. Thanks CBC!
9. Stargate SG-1 (WBKP 5-10) — Sure the syndicated run is two seasons behind SCI-FI, but it’s a goofy bit of fun from this ABC affiliate.
10. Scrubs (WLUC 6) — It’s like M*A*S*H, but funny! Just kidding, Alan Alda. I do like how zany the hospital is in this NBC sitcom, but it’s not too zany.
11. Making the Cut (CBC) — Congrats to the six guys “drafted” to try out at the six Canadian NHL teams’ training camps. Next, we’ll try to have a season for you all.
12. Veronica Mars (WMQF) — A fun take at the high school mystery genre.
13. The Tournament (CBC) — A short-run series looking a dad’s attempt to live off of his son’s talent.
14. Walter Ego (CBC) — An hour-long pilot starring Peter Kelleghan as a cartoonist. I think it might have been funny, but I accidentally recorded over it with The Greatest Canadian (Tommy Douglas, BTW).
15. Rick Mercer’s Monday Report (CBC) — Rick Mercer making fun of current events. Gee, that’s unique on this list.
16. Saturday Night Live (WLUC 6). Because I’m usually out on Saturdays.

That’s it. After backing up the TiVo, it’s on to bigger and better things. All right, it’s the same list (on different channels), minus the seven CBC shows and adding Battlestar Galactica. Happy?

Not gonna take it

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I thought I’d see how my cell phone does at recording loud noises (uh, brilliantly performed music). As you can see, it didn’t really cut the mustard.

Maybe CNET or someone could use the “marching band test” for cell phones. Remember, I’ve got prior use! 😉

Still, it was cool to hear “We’re not going to take it” with a mosh pit flailing about in front.


OK, so I was a little peeved that I had to wait at home in the middle of the day for a UPS delivery — especially because I didn’t know what it was (I hadn’t ordered anything lately). I getting a little anxious when the UPS guy shows and a small box into my hands.

I quickly open it up and, to my utter surprise, it was a silver Apple iPod mini. Apparently I was one of the winners of the latest Pepsi-iTunes giveaway where they were giving an iPod away every hour for two months. I was mainly using the promotion to score “free” songs when I buy a soda.

Now, I have something to put my tunes on. It says it can hold about 1,500 songs (for 100 hours worth of music). Bah, I can load up my episodes of This American Life — 430 hours worth (almost 18 days!).


The offer of an iPod shuffle was too tempting for me while I was looking for cell phone service. The camera phone that I got along with the plan was just an added bonus and the two months of “free” data services are nice. However the camera’s got the potential to be some fun, especially in Davis in two weeks.

I’ve set up a “moblog” to showcase my latest technological acquisition. It’s certainly going to be an interesting next two months and you can check out for the latest.

Below is the first image from the phone (well, it’s a script to show the five latest images, but I only have one thus far.):