Where’s the diving board?
Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim relaunched again this week with a new look. They’ve decided to eschew the former “First Aid Instructions” cards in favor of simple white text over a black background while smooooooooth jazz plays in the background as bumpers between shows and commercial breaks.

I don’t know if I like it all too much, but there are many advantages to the new format — cheap, easy and quick! The network said the same things (with their cards) Tuesday night.

I still like the old Adult Swim stuff — the old logo, bunch of elderly people swimming around a municipal pool. I guess AOLTW is hoping the new format will cater to the adult, mature taste where McDonald’s Arch Deluxe failed.

Tap in

HBO's The WireI’m really looking forward to the new season of “The Wire” begins Sunday on HBO. The first season really kicked butt.

The second season looks at the “seamy underside” of the Baltimore waterfront with police and drug lords. The show is from David Simon, the writer who wrote “Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets.” So you know it has to be good.


Celebrated Memorial Day with a barbeque in the front yard. It’s been nearly two years since the Gazetteers have had a cook-out. The break was probably a good thing, but it was cool hanging out with Katie, Michele and Olivia. Zac showed up late, but it was cool. We reflected a little bit on friends who were no longer with us (in Houghton, I mean. They’re stil alive.).

I think I overdid it, but I wanted to make sure that the cookout had everything. So I offered up hamburgers, steaks and chicken (and chips and fruit salad). The grill was slow in warming up (I need to have more patience.).

The weather was excellent though (it was sunny with a slight gust). The bugs weren’t out at all, but I put on a little DEET just in case.

I’m really kinda of tuckered out, but my apartment is clean for the first time in … well, a long time. I just feel like stretching back and relaxing. Speaking of, just one more week before a legnthier break.