• Anonymous

    The “Rich Dude” is one Alan Sugar, a UK entrepreneur businessman and millionaire (billionaire?) who first started selling stereos out of the boot (trunk) of his car (who says the USA is the only place to make it from nothing?)

    He became very successful with the home computer market in late 80s and early 90s selling Amstrad home computers as a rival to the Sinclair and Commodore 64. I myself had an Amstrad CPC 464. The graphical power was better than the Sinclair Spectrum, but worse than Commodore (although it was much cheaper – its value was its success).

    He currently owns a football (soccer) club: Aston Villa or West Ham or something like that… I hate football (soccer) so I’m not sure.

    He’s known as a hard nut so that’s why they chose him: an entrepreneurial “barrow boy”.

    Trek fan from the UK
    I wonder if you’ll notice I posted this??