For the birds

I keep an eye on things going on in Atlanta. That’s why I was interested to learn that the Georgia city is in line to receive a new WNBA franchise.
According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there will be a contest to name the team. I wonder what it will be. Aside from baseball’s Braves, most Atlanta teams are named after fierce birds — Falcons, Hawks, Thrashers, etc.
If they’re going to follow that trend (and WNBA team names often mirror those of their NBA brothers), what is this team going to be called?
My colleagues were bouncing bird names around, but none of them sound right. It would be cool if the phoenix was involved because of the mythic bird’s connection to the city, but it’s unlikely because of the city of the same name.

  • WNBA franchises usually do mirror their NBA counterparts, only they take it to the lamest extreme possible.
    I feel an “Atlanta Wings” coming on.

  • I was going to say “Titmouse,” but I wouldn’t know how to pluralize it. Plus, NOW would be all over me.