Wooooo! Wooooo!

People in my neighborhood tend to be loud, especially on weekends. Weekends are a weird beast here in Chico. In the so-called “student ghetto,” students seem to start loosening up on Wednesday night and are in full swing Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

For some reason, people walking around at 2 in the morning think they have to yell to be heard. They also like yelling “Woooo!” at random intervals. Needless to say, it can be a triffle annoying.

However, I think one reason why things are pretty noisy here is that the sound seems to carry. I can hear people singing karaoke, badly, at Madison Bear Garden eight blocks away. The blocks are short here — the distance is probably only four-tenths of a mile.

  • Sarah

    earplugs, baby. or move further away from campus! i used to live sandwiched between a frat and and sorority, and when people weren’t drunk and yelling, they were singing a cappella REALLY badly (apparently the frat pledges had to serenade sorority girls in what was purported to be harmony, though it certainly didn’t sound that way).

  • Sarah

    btw, I’m assuming you know about this already, but here’s the link anyways.