This is a feature? – Aug. 19

Hey, Tom —

This text editor that you have to write blogs is dreadful, to the point where it is nearly unusable (at least on Firefox). I can use neither the arrow keys or keyboard commands to edit my post. It’s like I’m back on a terminal using PINE to check my e-mail.

This is almost as bad as trying to write a text message on your cell phone. Actually, it’s worse — nearly every phone I’ve used allows you to use the arrow keys.

I don’t know what the problem is, but I would really appreciate added functionality to these blogs.

Your friend,

My stab at MySpace humor

A couple of weeks ago, I replied to my first bulletin. Since MySpace (and Tom) delete bulletins after 10 days, I wanted to preserve this for posterity for all to enjoy (including Tom). – Ryan

Well, I’m responding to the most interesting bulletin I’ve seen in a while. Instead of the typical ’69 things I did to find good lovin’, someone is using the bulletins as a gauge to see if people are listening. Consequently, those that apparently didn’t post a reply to the bulletin may be dropped as a friend.

It’s an interesting approach, but it might be an imprecise tool. I don’t reply or repost bulletins because I’m just not into talking about ‘good lovin’ or propagating inane forwards about security breaches or promises of good luck. Oh, well. I’m here.

Since I’m on the soap box, I may as well respond to those burning questions. I hope no one’s offended — I’m trying to spice things up a bit.

Here we go:

  • Did you ever do it with a marsupial? Not yet.
  • What’s the last thing you saw before you blinked? This screen and my impending doom.
  • Could you please repost this bulletin so that Tom and the MySpace gang will know you’re still alive? No, for two reasons. One – I’m writing this darn thing. Two – if ‘Tom’ (if that’s his real name) needs users to repost lame bulletins to make sure a user account is active, then we’re all in poor shape.
  • Speaking of reposting this bulletin, what’s the most ominous threat you can conceive of to ‘encourage’ compliance? If you don’t pass this bulletin on, you will one day realize that you’ve lacked something for a long time. This feeling of loss is compounded by the fact that you didn’t miss whatever is missing until it was gone.
  • OK, now I need to ask a random, ‘wacky’ question: When was the last time you contributed to a compost pile? Never, unless you count using the bathroom. 😉
  • Seriously, nothing at all with the marsupial? I was tempted during a romantic cruise near Corsica, but the moment passed when I saw the marsupial for what it was — a pouched animal. I felt unworthy.