I’ve been eating too much Mexican, but I found the cheapest restaurant in town.

Tuesday —
Lunch — Enchiladas, rice and beans. Diet Coke.
Dinner — Two slices of pizza

Wednesday —
I had a Sprite because my stomach was woozy. I later found some Pepto and that worked much much better.
Lunch — fajita burrito, rice and beans. Diet Coke.
Snack — peanut butter M&Ms

  • Sarah

    Ever thought about going as “R.T.”? I was writing in the info about the Giants game on my calendar and thought “Artie-O”. That’s awesome! 😛

  • Ryan

    Shhhh. Don’t give away my secret identity! 😉

    I was actually considering that if I went into PR, and if I wanted to return to news at some point. I don’t know if it would work or not.