Bad marketing tie-ins

The launch of the new “Halo 3” video game was accompanied by a bevy of related products, including a special flavor of Mountain Dew. The instructor I interviewed mentioned that several products were rejected for various reason.
It got me thinking about what products might not have passed publisher Microsoft Corp.’s muster. Here’s the best product I could think of:

“Halo” Kitty — Combining the cuteness of the Sanrio figure Hello Kitty with the awesomeness of Halo’s Master Chief.

I can’t take credit for that idea. It seems like something someone would’ve already thought of.
I can take credit for my brilliant idea to closely tie “Today” show weatherman Al Roker with a candy to go in the NBC’s candy shop at Rockefeller Center:

Almond Roker — Taking the best of Almond Roca candy and combining it with Roker’s iconic image.

Sure you could get boring chocolate squares wrapped with the “Friends” logo, but Almond Roker is something special.

  • Anthony

    If there was an option for master chief to blow several “hello kitty” avatars out of the game, yeah I’d buy that. I’d buy the “Kill Barney” option too.

  • Hmm, I seem to remember a version of the violent first-person shooter Wolfenstein 3D that substituted Nazi soldiers with Barney the Purple Dinosaur.
    Ah, yes. Here’s a page where you can find it.